• Chose your time for Learning
  • Choose your Language of Learning
  • Choose your companions for Learning

Chocoed Choice of content, language, device, time, place, assessments, appraisals, analytics - in fact everything that defines learning and redefines training, sans exclusions, sans barriers of time, budgets or inten


  • Kash - Knowledge
  • kAsh - Attitude
  • kaSh - Skills
  • kasH - Habits

Chocoed Content based on the necessity of pedagogy and science of andragogy in essential skills - intuitive, personalised, comprehensive and complete to enhance


  • Chat - with end to end encryption
  • Discussion Rooms - exchange ideas
  • Poll - Collect your teams opinion

Chocoed Conversations are productivity tools for continued application of essential skills as learning never stops

Get Chocoed ! Kash ahead of the Ebbinghaus Curve always

Anywhere Anytime Learning

Micro Learning Videos

Learning is Fun when its Gamified

Proven Learning Techniques

Integrated Chat And Discussion Rooms

You can now leverage completely secured social features like Chat and Discussion rooms for your corporate. Our engineers have built some of the most necessary features like Secured Attachment - requires sender's permission before downloading, Self-Destructing Message - forget your worries about deleting the confidential messages, Recall message without any time limits and many more.

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